Beacon Woodwork is a small independent carpentry and cabinet making company based in Small Dole in Sussex. From the initial brainstorming for a project to the final product, I want to be there for all of it. I relish the challenge of creating something new using my hands and my tools. Staying independent is important to me because enables to me to maintain control of my creative output. Quality rather than quantity is my mantra.

My design process is collaborative. I work with clients to help develop their tastes and to show them what is possible with wood. Different woods have such different qualities. Sometimes the lightness and warmth of maple suits a client’s brief. Other times, the heft of walnut or the modern look of birch ply is a better fit. I’m always looking at new developments in materials, not just at different varieties of wood, but at new composites and the ever-expanding range of modern laminates with their unlimited colour choices. There are so many possibilities.

Each job is different and everything can be tailored to exact specifications. This means that the final product—whether it is a kitchen, a wardrobe or a bookcase—is designed to perfectly fit a particular space and to meet a particular need. The pieces I make are not only longer-lasting than off-the-shelf furniture, but they are more beautiful and more meaningful. My intention is to make things that get passed down from one generation to another.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Steffan Eliades